Welcome to the Acacia Lodge No. 85 Website. If you have an interest in Freemasonry or desire to learn more about our ancient fraternity, you are welcome to send an email to honeywell.andrew13@gmail.com to get in touch with our lodge. Andrew will be happy to put you in contact with our members. The lodge meets every second and fourth Tuesday of each month. The Town of Greenwich is an old town in New England and Freemasonry has been at the forefront of the town’s history from its earliest days since the mid 18th-century. All men of sound morals and good rapport are welcome to visit and attend our dinners.

Contact Our Lodge

Anyone interested in our ancient fraternity please send an email to honeywell.andrew13@gmail.com, call at 203.273.2599 or send a letter of interest to PO Box 4663, Greenwich, Connecticut 06830. All good men are welcome to attend our dinners and petition our

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