Our lodge met for the 2018 year at the historic Putnam Cottage/Knapp Tavern. The last time a lodge met at this historic place was one-hundred and ninety-five years ago. Two years ago, Acacia lodge turned 160 years old which was commemorated by a dinner in Putnam Cottage and the burial of a 100 year old time capsule. Since that time we have continued to pay homage to our legacy while focusing on the future. We moved on January 1, 2019 to a more semi-permanent location at the St. Lawrence Club located at 86 Valley Road in the neighborhood of Cos Cob. It is there that we provide a catered meal and fellowship at the their banquet hall and bar room. Business is then conducted in the President’s Room upstairs. Any Master Mason in good standing looking to visit our lodge is welcome to do so on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month, excepting July and August.